BuddyPhi is a social networking app connecting university students based on mutual subjects.

Make new connections, build friendships, form study groups, trade study materials, improve grades, and enhance your overall university experience (academically and socially) - download BuddyPhi today !

A Safe Environment to Connect

Make New Connections/ Friendships

Secure verification process provides a safe environment for students to connect. BuddyPhi's smart algorithms make it easy for university students to match, and the chat feature keeps you well connected all the time

Improve your Grades

BuddyPhi makes it easy to make new connections with university peers, which helps promote greater information sharing and formation of study groups, which can help improve grades (whilst making friends)

Enhance Overall University Experience

Making new connections, building friendships, improving grades - all help with enhancing the overall university experience

Get The App

Feature 1

  • Easy to use interface allows for seemless navigating, matching and chatting

  • Ability to update bio and subjects, set self-ratings, and view own profile

Feature 2

  • Swipe right to connect or swipe left to ignore

  • Mutual connect activates the chat feature

  • Connect at the start/ end of a semester to buy/ sell study materials from prior semester class, and get useful tips

Feature 3

  • Mutual connections are sorted by matched subjects, making it easier to seek help when needed most

  • Integrated chat feature keeps you connected all the time


BuddyPhi's vision is to be part of university students' every day lives, acting as the perfect ice-breaker for new connections, and aiming to enhance the overall university experience (academically and socially)

As such, pricing is set with the student in mind and is as follows:
- BuddyPhi is free to download
- All new users benefit from a free 6 month premium membership trial with full access to all benefits
- Thereafter, pricing is A$1 per month (cancel anytime)

About Us

Founder, Bhavik Jeena

Born in South Africa, Bhavik immigrated to Australia after high school in 2004, and enrolled in first year university. The idea was curated after having experienced challenges that are unsurprisingly shared by thousands of university students abroad – new environment, too many new faces, everyone’s on busy schedules, and limited time or opportunities to mingle. Unfortunately, these have the potential to be distracting and can adversely impact grades. BuddyPhi was created to overcome these challenges.

Bhavik currently works as an Investment Associate at a major US private equity firm. Prior roles include Financial Modelling Manager at a global consulting firm (infrastructure and energy), Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory at Barclays Investment Bank (infrastructure and energy), and Senior Associate (Credit Risk) for financial institutions at Macquarie Group. Whilst at university, Bhavik was actively involved in numerous initiatives involving entrepreneurship, leadership, financial markets, and investment – and he is driven by his passion for deep value creation.